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Best Rabbit Vibrator Product Reviews
The purpose of this website is to rate, review, and compare various offers for the best "Rabbit Vibrator" sold on the internet to prevent people from making the wrong choice. The massive number of choices available when it comes to choosing a "Rabbit" is enough to make a girl dizzy, I have personally used and critiqued dozens of rabbit vibrators (what fun!) and have settled conclusively on the best one. I have used Rabbits from companies like Babeland and Adam & Eve, and from companies of whom I have never heard before I bought their product. I have used rabbits with remote controls, cordless rabbits, noisy and quiet ones, ones with intense vibration and others with disappointingly weak vibration. I have a handful of rabbits that I still use after 3 years and have had other rabbits break within the first week (make sure the company from whom you buy has a solid guarantee and a good return policy!). While there can be HUGE differences in seemingly similar Rabbits, I found in some cases many companies sell very similarproducts, with the biggest difference being the brand name which leads to a higher price, often much higher.

I created this site for two reasons: first, to help you narrow down your choices from the hundreds of options that exist on the internet, and second, to give you the best offers on the internet for the BEST OF THE BEST. I was in the same position as you just a few years ago and I wish this site was around then… although, to be honest, I think experiencing all of the Rabbits was worth it, as I now know first hand which are the best and why they are the best. I guess I have become an expert on Rabbits… I don't think I ever had that in mind while studying history in college. Needless to say, my "alone time" has never been so exciting and satisfying.

Well, here you go… my comprehensive and honest (and I would be lying if I didn't say FUN) research has led me to the conclusion that the best Rabbits anywhere are the Omazing Platinum Rabbit, the Vibratex Rabbit Habit, and the California Exotics Waterproof Jack Rabbit. I have scoured through the internet to find the 3 best deals for these products from 3 different companies and included descriptions of the offer, including price, shipping, guarantee, return policy and value. My STAR rating is based on my overall experience with the Rabbit and service offered by each company. Enjoy!

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My Number One Pick
The Omazing™ Platinum Rabbit is the winner, too bad I didn't find it first. I originally heard about Omazing last year when it was featured on my favorite show, Big Brother. Aside from Omazing's™ grade "A" both in product quality and performance, the difference with and reason for Omazing topping this list is the value they offer. I honestly don't know how they managed to pull this off, however, they've priced it at only $39.99--with FREE SHIPPING, a FREE bullet vibrator (a long-time favorite in my collection), a FREE velvet pouch, which as they market, is perfect for storing the product, a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, and a 2 year warranty. I have never seen a 2 Year Warranty on a Rabbit Vibrator--which speaks volumes about their product quality. My sister acutally replaced hers with Omazing after 14 months with absolutely no problem. To quickly touch on the performance, I'm not sure exactly what their "vibraMAX" technology is or how it works, but the vibration on this Rabbit seemed to have an edge over anything I have ever used, yet its quiet and unbelievably comfortable.
The Runner Up:
Vibratex's Rabbit Habit is our runner up. This was the first rabbit I tried and the quality I must say is quite good... but for $90, I would hope so! While this rabbit was a dear friend for nearly a year before it stopped working, it doesn't have the vibration intensity of the Omazing Platinum Rabbit and I don't feel the beads as much in the Rabbit Habit. Also, the Rabbit Habit is not Phlthalates free like the Omazing Platinum Rabbit. Even if they were priced the same, having owned both, I would choose the Omazing Platinum Rabbit over the Rabbit Habit... and if I knew that from the beginning, I could have gotten an Omazing Platinum Rabbit and another one for my sister with the money I spent on the Rabbit Habit. That being said, the Rabbit Habit is a very good rabbit and has been a joy. I bought mine from Babeland.

My bronze medal goes to the Waterproof Jack Rabbit by California Exotics. This one is certainly priced for value at $48.99 and offers strong vibration and the beads are great. My qualms with this Rabbit are that it had a funky plastic odor for the first few weeks (I guess that wore off after being out of the box for a while) and that the plastic is a bit hard and not too comfortable. It is also a bit too big for me in terms of girth (but hey, if you're ambitious, give it a try!). It made my top 3 because of its value - great vibration intensity and effective beads and it's only $48.99... but if you're in the market for a rabbit - my hands down suggestion is to go with the best from the beginning - the Omazing Platinum Rabbit. You can find the Waterproof Jack Rabbit at

Last Words:
For women wanting to experience the ultimate in self-pleasure, it is no secret that the Rabbit Vibrator is the way to go. Now that i have provided you with the 3 best products in the category from reputable companies (I have had great purchase experiences with each of the three companies above), it is your job to make your choice as to which Rabbit is the best deal for you. I completely recommend this Platinum Rabbit and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

-Sarah P.